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HCSO's Online Citizen Reporting Feature

For Immediate Release : Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Release Number: 20-080



The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office now has an online citizen reporting feature. It will allow residents to file a report for certain crimes without having to call a deputy to the scene.

"This system will not only save time and taxpayer dollars, but it will also help us prevent the spread of COVID-19," said Sheriff Chad Chronister. "While the system was in the works long before the coronavirus impacted our community, this is an added benefit for our deputies and Hillsborough County residents. It allows deputies to respond to higher priority calls faster and reduces the risk of exposure to deputies and residents for non-critical reports."

In order to be eligible for online filing, you must meet the following criteria:
You are 18 years or older
It can not be an emergency, call 911 for all emergencies.
It can not be an in-progress crime
You can not be in immediate danger

Before you file an online report, know what offenses qualify.
Here’s the list:
Accident / Traffic Crash: Minor crashes with no injury and no impairment. Basically a driver’s exchange event.
Conservation violation: Illegal dumping with unknown suspects.
Identity Theft:
Credit Card Fraud
Immigration Scam: Fraud or swindle of the victim who is pursuing immigration reclassification.
Lost Property: Lost Firearms are not eligible.
Registration of Golf Carts and Bicycles
Delayed Shoplifting / Retail Theft: Online submission must be able to submit proof of a crime. Video or photos of the event.
Vandalism/Graffiti: no known suspects
Vehicle Vandalism no known suspects

There are several ways you can access the online reporting feature.

First -- if you call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office the dispatcher may determine your call qualifies for online reporting. You must have a phone that can receive text messages and allows for internet access. You will be forwarded to our Quick Connect phone number. Once transferred, you will hear an automated greeting and enter your 10-digit phone number. Quick Connect will send you a mobile link directly to your phone. You will be able to file the online report right from your device. 

Another option is to use your desktop, laptop or tablet. Once you log onto, go to the services tab, under the crime column you will see "File a Police Report Online."

Finally, you can also file an online report by using the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office App. 

Testing on the online citizen reporting feature began on January 21, 2020. Between that time and March 7, 2020, 567 total reports were taken. 

The following is the estimated time and cost savings:
Estimated Hour Per Report is taken by a deputy: 1.50
Estimate Cost per report if taken by a deputy ($): 40.00
Total Hours Saved: 850.50
Total Savings ($): 22,680

 The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the online reporting feature.