Behavioral Resources Unit (BRU)

The Behavioral Resources Unit is an interdisciplinary unit of behavioral health and homeless initiative law enforcement deputies, licensed clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors and civilian support staff, whose mission is to identify through proactive and reactive methods, at-risk community members within the mental health and homeless populations of Hillsborough County in order to provide them with intervention and guidance to case management assistance. The goal is not only to prevent potentially violent encounters and mitigate risk within our community, but to further safeguard those who are most in need of services. The Behavioral Resources Unit works with local, state, and federal law enforcement officials, the court system, mental health providers, and county social services to ensure a comprehensive approach towards community behavioral health is pursued.


HCSO launches Behavioral Resources Unit

Homeless offered help through HCSO Community Outreach Event

Homeless Outreach Event at the Tampa Convention Center

Structure of the Behavioral Resources Unit

  • Behavioral Health Section-5 Deputies/1 per District
  • Homeless Initiative Section-5 Deputies/1 per District
  • Clinical Section (6 Licensed Clinicians/1 per District except District 4 currently assigned 2)


Monetary donations to the Behavioral Resources Unit can be made payable to:

HCSO Homeless Initiative
c/o HCSO Comptroller
PO Box 3371
Tampa, FL 33601

BRU Documents

Contact Information

Referral email address
Charles Malone
Duane Benton
Stephanie Krager
Master Deputy / Homeless Initiative and Mental Health Team Lead