Sheriff’s Hispanic Advisory Council

History of the Sheriff’s Hispanic Advisory Council

 The Sheriff’s Hispanic Advisory Council originated in 1981 by then Sheriff Walter Heinrich and Ray E. Fernandez. The Council works to serve both the community and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office through a variety of services. Council members, all of whom are citizen volunteers, strive to engage in activities that promote a better understanding and trust between the two. The Council serves as a liaison between the Hispanic community and the Sheriff’s office. The Council contributes to the community through good will programs such as their annual Turkey Dinner Giveaway to needy families and School Backpack Program for underprivileged children. The Council also provides scholarships to deserving young persons, some of whom face great challenges, so that they may continue their education. The Council hosts the annual Law Enforcement Appreciation dinner. The dinner recognizes personnel of the Sheriff’s Office for their outstanding service and scholarships are presented to deserving  students.


Advisory Council Officers

  • President - Monica Rodriguez
  • Vice President - Kathalin Carvalho
  • Secretary - Monique Scott
  • Treasurer - Randy Vargas

Advisory Council Members

  • Marcia Cedano
  • Ariel Quintela
  • Norma Reno
  • Melisa Martinez
  • Marcia Mejia
  • Nancy Millan
  • Ileana Martin
  • Roxanna Rodriguez
  • Carlos M. Irizarry
  • Maria Velasco Fontaine
  • Marcia Cedano
  • Marggie Nichols
  • Vivian Mcilrath
  • Victor Avila
  • Maria Pinzon
  • Felix Coriano


Christmas Food Outreach

Deserving Students Computer Outreach

Summer Food Outreach