Mission Statement

The Council serves as a liaison between the Hispanic community and the Sheriff's office.  The Council achieves this through community outreach initiatives and scholarships to deserving young persons. 


The Sheriff’s Hispanic Advisory Council originated in 1982 by then Sheriff Walter Heinrich and Ray E. Fernandez. It was noted at that time in history,  that the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office was the only law enforcement agency in the country with a Hispanic Advisory Council.  The Council works to serve both the community and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office through a variety of services. Council members, all of whom are citizen volunteers, strive to engage in activities that promote a better understanding and trust between the two. 

Sheriff’s Hispanic Advisory Council


Advisory Council Officers

  • President: Kathalin Carvalho
  • Vice President: Ileana Martin
  • Secretary: Melisa Martinez
  • Treasurer: Randy Vargas
  • HCSO Liasion: Master Deputy Marilyn Alvarez

Council Members: 

  • Marcia Cedano
  • Norma Reno
  • Marcia Mejia
  • Nancy Millan
  • Roxanna Rodriguez
  • Andrew Barrios
  • Eli Rodriguez
  • Carlos M. Irizarry
  • Monica Rodriguez
  • Monique Scott
  • Maria Velasco Fontaine
  • Marggie Nichols
  • Victor Avila
  • Felix Coriano
  • Luis Laracuente


Our Community Involvement

The Sheriff's Hispanic Advisory Council was extremly busy in 2021. 
  • In June of 2021, the Council provided 200 boxes of food to families in need.
  • 60+ bags of toiletries, household items and non perishable food items to senior residents at the San Clemente Villas.
  • 60 computers were donated to deserving students to assist in their scholastic success.
  • Scholarships were provided to deserving young persons, some of whom face great challenges, through the USF Latino Scholarship Program and HCC Foundation. 
  • Council members volunteered in over 20 community events throughout Hillsborough County.
  •  In November, 200 food boxes were distributed to families in the Dover area for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Deserving Students Computer Outreach

2021 Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet

Thanksgiving Food Outreach

Christmas Senior Outreach at San Clemente Villas

Summer Food Outreach at Blessed Sacrament Manor

2022 First Annual Golf Tournament