County Ordinance #08-24

Hillsborough County Emergency Access to Gated Developments Ordinance

Recently the Board of County Commissioners passed an ordinance to mandate that gated communities provide updated security gate access information to law enforcement and other emergency services personnel in order to gain access in a sufficient and timely manner in the event of an emergency.

Although the thirty day period has expired, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is reaching out to all gated and non-gated communities to assist them in complying with the ordinance.  The Sheriff's Office is requesting that all communities send the pertinent information to the email address given below. The email should include the current name of the community, phone number and address for the main office, and if gated, must include the gate code information. Any changes to security gate access information shall be provided to the authority having jurisdiction over the gated development within twenty four (24) hours of the change in information. This ordinance allows for misdemeanor prosecution of the violator/gated development in county criminal court for non-compliance (pursuant to Florida Statute 125.69).

Within twenty four (24) hours of today's date, all information shall be emailed to us.