Workout On The Go

10 Minute Abdominal Workout #1

This workout consist of 10 bodyweight abdominal exercises.

Back Workout | The Basics

This Back Workout covers the basic concept of an overall Back Training Session.

Battle Rope and Light DB Interval Workout

This workout consists of Battle Rope and Light DB Drills for Muscular Endurance, Muscular Toning, and Grip Strength.

Cardio Circuit Workout #1

Cardio Based Circuit Training Format incorporating Body Weight Exercises for the Upper and Lower Body.

Carrollwood Village Park/ Workout Station Area

How to use the outdoor workout station area and an alternative exercise for each station.


This video covers the Basics of Training the Pectoralis/Chest Muscles.

DB Full Body Circuit #1

Circuit Training Format Utilizing Dumbbells for all Experience and Fitness levels

Fat Burner 101 Workout #1

After performing a prescribed initial warm-up this workout has 4 separate exercises lasting 1 minute each in duration with roughly a 30 second break between each exercise.

Leg Day #1

This is a Leg Day workout for all levels of resistance training with a few Training Intensity Techniques included for the advanced individuals.

Light DB Interval Training #1

Interval Training Format with 3 Rounds of exercises with each round lasting roughly 3 Minutes each.

Light DB Interval Training #2

This workout consist of 3 separate 4.5 minute rounds. Each round has 6 exercises that last 45 seconds each. 3 lb DB's are used for conditioning and muscular endurance.

Push Up Circuit #1

Push Up Variations to Build Muscle and Endurance in the Chest

Quarantine Upper Body Circuit

Utilizing Home made weights for a Workout focusing on the upper body in a circuit training format

Shoulder Workout | The Basics

This workout covers the basics of training the Deltoids/Shoulder. I suggest 2 safe exercise options for all 3 parts of the Deltoids. All though the exercises are fundamental, when performed correctly muscle development will occur.

Smith Machine Full Body Workout #1

This is a full body workout in a Circuit Training Format utilizing the Smith Machine.