Workout On The Go

Cardio Circuit Workout #1

Cardio Based Circuit Training Format incorporating Body Weight Exercises for the Upper and Lower Body.

Carrollwood Village Park/ Workout Station Area

How to use the outdoor workout station area and an alternative exercise for each station.

DB Full Body Circuit #1

Circuit Training Format Utilizing Dumbbells for all Experience and Fitness levels

Fat Burner 101 Workout #1

After performing a prescribed initial warm-up this workout has 4 separate exercises lasting 1 minute each in duration with roughly a 30 second break between each exercise.

Leg Day #1

This is a Leg Day workout for all levels of resistance training with a few Training Intensity Techniques included for the advanced individuals.

Light DB Interval Training #1

Interval Training Format with 3 Rounds of exercises with each round lasting roughly 3 Minutes each.

Push Up Circuit #1

Push Up Variations to Build Muscle and Endurance in the Chest

Quarantine Upper Body Circuit

Utilizing Home made weights for a Workout focusing on the upper body in a circuit training format