Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Tow Rotation Program

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office utilizes multiple privately owned towing companies to respond to calls for service at the request of citizens and/or Law Enforcement personnel.

Any towing companies that are interested in participating, should follow the guidelines below:
  • Carefully review the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Tow Service Agreement and ensure that you are capable of adhering to the terms and conditions contained therein.
  • All approved towing companies will be subject to inspection, at any time, by the Hillsborough County Code Enforcement and/or Law Enforcement personnel.
  • An applicants’ criminal history, if any, will be considered in the approval process for the tow rotation program.
  • All tow drivers responding to tow rotation calls for service must have a valid PVDL, as discussed in the Tow Service Agreement.
  • Owners that qualify and/or agree to the terms and conditions of the Tow Service Agreement, should contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Impound Officer at the following email address:  vehicleimpound@teamhcso.com to complete the application process.