Business Watch

Anyone wanting a Free On site Security Survey for your home or business or for more information concerning Business Watch please contact the Community Outreach Division.

What is Business Watch?

Managers and owners make risk management decisions in regard to the success of their activities every day. These risks encourage them to seek new opportunities to gain a profit. Allowing crime an opportunity to exist is not one of these risks since no chance for profit exists. Crime results in cash loss, inventory loss and a loss to the reputation of the business. Most importantly, crime can impact the personal safety of employees and guests. This makes crime prevention good for business from both a human and financial standpoint.

A Business Watch is modeled after the successful Neighborhood Watch Program, establishing a formal communication network among the businesses in a specified area. Members are alerted to the potential of crime and are encouraged to look out for one another.

Law enforcement provides Business Watch with Deputies, trained in Crime Prevention, to educate and train owners, managers and employees to be able to recognize and report any suspicious activities or crimes, to prevent shoplifting and robbery, how to be a good witness, and many other topics as requested. This program is not to replace your security system but to increase the security of the business and employees.

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