Certified Detention/Law Enforcement and Pre-Certified/Trainee

Pre-Certified Candidates Video

Detention and Law Enforcement Trainees Video

PAA Course Description

  • Weapon - Load 7 dummy rounds into a magazine.
  • Wall Climb - Run 130 feet to scale a 4 foot high, stationary, solid wall.
  • Stair Climb - Run 100 feet to a cone. Then run another 40 feet to a stair to complete 70 steps (1st foot up, 2nd foot up, 1st foot down, 2nd foot down = 1 step)
  • Window Entry - Run 100 feet to climb through a window.
  • Serpentine - Run 50 feet to then navigate through cones, keeping cones on left or right as indicated on the cone.
  • Sled - Push, pull, drag and/or walk a 180 pound sled 20 feet back and forth 5 times (a total of 100 feet).
  • Dummy Drag - Drag a 160 pound dummy 20 feet.
  • Weapon Unload and Load - Remove a magazine from the weapon, empty the rounds from the magazine into a box that corresponds with the color designated prior to beginning course. Reload the magazine and insert it back into the weapon.

If selected for employment, you will be scheduled for a medical examination, pre-employment drug test, and psychological evaluation.