Laws, Regulations, and Procedures

The authority of the Sheriff to purchase commodities, services, and equipment is contained in Chapter 30, Fla. Stat.  While the Sheriff is not bound by Chapter 287, Fla. Stat., in the spirit of fair and open competition, the HCSO endeavors to meet the directives and business practices articulated in the Chapter to protect the interest of the public.

Public Entity Crimes:  Pursuant to §§287.132-133, Fla. Stats., the HCSO, as a public entity, may not accept any bid, proposal or reply from, award any contract to, or transact any business in excess of the threshold amount provided in §287.017, Fla. Stat., for Category Two ($35,000) with any person or affiliate on the convicted vendor list for a period of 36 months from the date that the person or affiliate was placed on the convicted vendor list, unless that person or affiliate has been removed from the list pursuant to §287.133 (3)(f), Fla. Stat.

Code of Ethics

Public purchasing officials are required to maintain high standards of ethics and conduct, and maintain complete independence and impartiality, in dealings with vendors, both in fact and in appearance, in order to preserve the integrity of the competitive process and to ensure there is public confidence that contracts are awarded equitably and economically.  The following are excerpts from Chapter 112, Part III, Fla. Stat.

Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees: