About Position

Perform security duties maintaining order and physical custody of inmates in a jail system or courthouse complex. Responsible for the care, custody, and control of persons to include; booking and releasing offenders, maintaining security of the facility, and escorting offenders within and/or outside the secure confines of the jail. Candidates must pass the standard HCSO Firearms Qualification test after hire to hold this position and will be eligibe to receive the Sheriff's Office Basic Life Insurance.

Duties & Responsibilities

Note: Depending on assigned responsibilities, employees may perform some or all of the duties below.

  • Provide direct and remote supervision of inmates within housing and other areas of a jail, courthouse complex, or secure perimeter as assigned to maintain a safe and secure environment.
  • Conduct frequent security checks for evidence of unauthorized activities and infractions of rules, respond to situations, and document accordingly.
  • Receive and process inmates from officers and the courts, maintain inmates’ property and direct inmates throughout the intake process.
  • Maintain security and custody of volatile and violent inmates.
  • Observe conduct and behavior of inmates, respond to and control emergency situations, and use appropriate levels of force to control combative, volatile, or hostile offenders.
  • Schedule, supervise and cancel inmate visitations.
  • Supervise the dispensing of food in a timely fashion to inmates, ensuring compliance of all health and safety regulations.
  • Supervise inmates and trustee-inmates work crews.
  • Conduct metal and x-ray detection of individuals and materials before entering facilities, perform necessary searches for weapons and contraband, and completes reports.
  • Inspect cells, housing areas, locks, windows, grills, doors, gates and perimeters of buildings and grounds for security purposes.
  • Transport inmates to other facilities as required.
  • Run daily reports as required.
  • Enter information into a database to capture daily activities.
  • Communicate with the public, respond to questions and assist as necessary.
  • Operate a master control center as required.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Working knowledge of principles, practices, and techniques of modern inmate care, custody, and control, and related state, federal, and department laws, rules, regulations, standards, and policies governing the operation of detention facilities and courtrooms.
  • Working knowledge of local, state, and federal laws governing the criminal justice system.
  • Some knowledge of crowd control defense and restraint tactics and communication procedures.
  • Some knowledge of behavior patterns, legal rights, discipline protocols, and grievance procedures of inmates.
  • Working knowledge of how to search for and recognize contraband and weapons.
  • Working knowledge of the operation of Sally port controls, cell locks, and control panels commonly used in a secure facility.
  • Working knowledge of first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) principles and skill in training others in their application.
  • Skill in interviewing and interrogation methods and techniques.
  • Ability to train others in all aspects of job duties and responsibilities.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing with diverse populations.
  • Ability to analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals.
  • Ability to work in a hostile environment of inmates and their visitors without reacting in a negative manner and project a professional image at all times.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and smoothly and rapidly shift between dissimilar tasks.
  • Ability to supervise emergency situations, make effective decisions under stressful situations, and direct the use of physical force necessary to protect oneself and others.
  • Ability to detect potentially adverse or unsafe situations and react according to department policy.
  • Ability to physically handle and control prisoners resisting detention.
  • Ability to review, establish, and maintain accurate records of assigned activities and operations.
  • Ability to use a two-way radio.
  • Ability to properly use various restraining devices.
  • Ability to safely and skillfully operate a motor vehicle.
  • Ability to operate a computer and related software.
  • Ability to work effectively with others.
  • Ability and willingness to use weapons and to properly maintain them.

Required Minimum Education & Experience

  • Must have retired from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) as a certified detention deputy.
  • Possession of a current Florida detention/corrections certification.
  • Ten years of experience as a state, county, or city detention/corrections officer.
  • Possession of a valid certification by the State of Florida as a detention/corrections officer.

Required Pre-Employment Testing

  • Successful completion of the standard HCSO Physical Abilities Assessment (PAA).

Preferred Education & Experience

  • Strong interpersonal skills, professional demeanor and appearance, and flexible work availability.

Additional Job Requirements

  • Attendance at the specified Sheriff's Office work location is required.
  • Depending on assignment, employees may be required to possess a valid Florida Driver License at time of employment. Driving history will be thoroughly reviewed and may be grounds for disqualification.
  • No visible tattoos on face, head, and neck. Tattoos determined to take away from the professional appearance of the Sheriff's Office must be covered with an appropriate white, black, or neutral covering.
  • No illegal drug sale within lifetime.
  • No illegal drug use within the past 36 months. No marijuana use within the last 12 months.
  • No felony convictions within lifetime.
  • No misdemeanor convictions involving perjury, false statement, or domestic violence within lifetime.
  • No dishonorable discharge from any branch of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Coast Guard, National Guard, or Reserve Forces.
  • Successful completion of a background investigation including criminal, reference, employment, and neighborhood checks; polygraph; medical evaluation; and drug screening.

Physical Abilities Assessment (PAA)

The PAA is designed to measure an applicant's physical abilities. The primary goal of the PAA is to determine if an individual possesses the basic skills to perform the physical tasks required of sworn officers. Applicants who do not pass the PAA will not continue with the application process. Failure to meet any one of the minimum requirements will result in a failure of the PAA.

PAA Passing Requirements

The following tasks need to be completed within a maximum of five minutes and forty-eight seconds (5:48):
  • Wall Climb: A brief run followed by scaling the 4 ft wall.
  • Stair Climb: A brief run followed by climbing 70 steps.
  • Window Entry: A brief run followed by a climb through the window.
  • Serpentine: A brief run followed by the serpentine obstacle.
  • The Sled: Pushing and pulling a 180 lb sled at least 20 ft (must be completed 5 times).
  • Dummy Drag: Removing a 160 lb dummy from a vehicle and dragging it 20 ft
  • Weapon Unload and Load: A measure of dexterity, motor skills, and physical exertion.
*PAA requirements are subject to change at any time.

Examples of Potentially Disqualifying Evidence


We believe that diversity and inclusion among our applicants and employees is critical to our success as a community partner. We seek to offer employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age, physical/mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, and military/veteran status. We proudly recognize veterans' preference and are committed to a drug-free and tobacco-free workplace. Job information is updated daily at noon.